The functional benefits of a tummy tuck

The functional benefits of a tummy tuck

The benefits of a tummy tuck procedure extend beyond the aesthetic.

Many people choose to undergo tummy tuck surgery to flatten and reshape the abdomen, and the procedure is highly effective in improving the contours of the body. But what you may not know is that there are some functional benefits to the treatment as well. Read on to learn more about the procedure and how it could help you in more ways than one…

What are the functional benefits of a tummy tuck?

According to an Australian study published in the American journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, a tummy tuck procedure can actually help to reduce back pain, as well as urinary incontinence following pregnancy and childbirth.

The study looked at over 200 women who had tummy tuck procedures in Australia, and each of the participants was asked to rate their back pain and urinary incontinence before and after the surgery. Based on the pre-surgical questionnaires, around 51 percent of the women reported moderate to severe disability caused by back pain, and 42.5 percent of the women reported urinary incontinence as a significant concern.

In the post-operative questionnaires, which were completed at six weeks and then again at six months following the tummy tuck surgery, just nine percent of the women reported a moderate disability from back pain at six months. Less than two percent of the women reported urinary incontinence as a significant concern at six months post-surgery. The questionnaires revealed that back pain continued to improve from six weeks to six months following surgery, while urinary incontinence did not improve any more after six weeks.

What is a tummy tuck, exactly?

A tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is a procedure in which loose, excess skin and fat are surgically removed from the abdominal area. The procedure also helps to repair weakened abdominal muscles to create a firmer contour.

The tummy tuck procedure is very popular for those who are dissatisfied with loose abdominal skin, often caused as a result of pregnancy, considerable weight loss, and the natural ageing process. The surgery is best suited to individuals who are at healthy and stable body weight and are generally in good health.

How does it work?

The first step in the process is to come in for a personal consultation with Dr Samuel Yang so that you can discuss your aesthetic goals and particular concerns. Dr Yang will confirm whether or not you are well suited to the surgery.

During the procedure, Dr Yang will make a horizontal incision between the pubic hairline and belly button in order to lift the abdominal skin and repair the abdominal muscles underneath. In some cases, another incision may be made near the navel so that excess skin can be removed from the upper abdomen.

After surgery, you may need to wear a compression garment in order to minimise swelling and aid recovery. You may also have some thin tubes placed under your skin to drain excess blood and fluid from your body. Dr Yang will explain how best to take care of your surgical wounds and will prescribe any necessary pain medications to help manage any post-operative discomfort.

If you are interested in a tummy tuck, or would simply like to find out more about what the procedure involves, we encourage you to get in touch to arrange a consultation with Dr Yang. You can also download our free abdominoplasty guide. To see the full range of cosmetic and plastic treatments that Dr Yang offers, please have a look at our procedures

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