How to prepare yourself for your breast lift surgery

Breast lift surgery can help you achieve your desired breast shape and regain that youthful breast shape you have always wanted.

Once you have decided that you want to undergo breast lift surgery there are a few things you will need to know and do to better prepare yourself for the procedure. Dr Samuel Yang will assist you in reshaping your breasts and raise your nipples to your desired position.

Have an in-depth consultation with your surgeon

We offer consultations to all our patients before they undergo the procedure. This is done in order to gain a better understanding of your expectations and offer you better advice on the best type of procedure you should opt for. We thoroughly explain the breast lift surgery process, what you should expect after the procedure and the healing process. Our aim is to listen to all your concerns, goals and desires and ensure a level of comfort between you as a patient and Dr Yang.

To ensure that your confidence in us is restored we are more than happy to show you before and after pictures of procedures done on previous patients. This enables you as a patient to measure Dr Yang’s skill and technique.

Be open and honest about your expectations

Taking into consideration your current shape, size and age be clear and realistic about what your desired goals are. Together with Dr Yang you will be able to reach a clear consensus on what can be done. He will set realistic expectations on what the outcome will be. Dr Yang will ensure you are satisfied and confident about the success and results of your procedure.

Surgery Day

On the day of your surgery a mark will be drawn of where your nipple position should go. You will get a general anaesthesia or sedation before the operation takes place. Any extra skin will be removed and your breast tissue will be lifted up. This will be done without affecting any of your chest muscles. The incision will then be closed once we are satisfied with the placement and contour of your chest.

Breast lift recovery

The great news is that recovery time is quick. Any pain that might be experienced can be managed and there is minimal discomfort. Recovery time normally only takes up to ten days. Within two days after your procedure Dr Yang will remove the bandages and drains and any stitches will be removed after three weeks. Once all your tissues are fully healed you will begin to enjoy the appearance of your new shaped breasts. After your procedure make sure you avoid any strenuous activity such as heavy lifting for up to six weeks. It is also advised to try to avoid smoking two to four weeks prior to your scheduled day of surgery as smoking reduces circulation. Avoiding smoking before surgery will help in reducing your recovery time.

How to care for your breasts after breast lift surgery

After your surgery and you are now at home recovering. It is important to take care of your health. Ensure that you stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and fresh juices and avoid any form of caffeine and carbonated drinks. Three days after your surgery try to keep your intake of dairy products to a minimum as they tend to upset your stomach post-surgery. It is important that you stay as comfortable as possible, wear loose and comfortable clothes especially at night and make sure you get plenty of rest.

To learn more about breast lift surgery in Brisbane visit Dr Yang’s practice. We are more than happy to answer any questions you might have about breast lift procedures.

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