Different types of breast lift incision

breast lift incision

It is very important to be well informed and educated about the different types of incisions which are available options for you.

When visiting Dr Yang, he will ensure that you are comfortable with the technique that will be used. There are three main types of breast lift incisions. The type of procedure used depends on how much skin needs to be removed, the laxity of the skin and how much the nipple needs to be repositioned. The main goal is to ensure that the right shape for the patient is achieved and in proportion to the patient’s body.

Traditional breast lift technique

The traditional breast lift technique involves removing large amounts of excess skin and tissue as most patients who opt for this technique have extremely saggy breasts. In terms of breast size this technique is mainly used for women with small to medium sized breasts who desire a more perky appearance in their breasts. Three incisions are used: one incision around the border of the nipple, a second vertical incision from the nipple to the fold under the breast and a final crescent incision along the breast fold. This procedure may be performed in combination with a breast reduction for women with a much bigger breast cup size. Women who have more skin needing to be removed and need tissue reduction are a better candidate for this type of procedure.

Vertical breast lift technique

The vertical breast lift technique involves making the incision around the areola (a small circular area, in particular the ring of pigmented skin surrounding a nipple). While the areola is still attached to a pendulum of skin, this ensures that blood is properly supplied and to ensure that the nipple from the surrounding tissue is loosened. With this technique if a breast needs to be lifted the entire breast is reshaped. This technique reduces severe sagging and drooping. This is done by making the skin pocket to be tighter in order for the pocket of skin to hold the existing breast tissue. This results in the breast having a more well-rounded shape. The results are more perky and high breasts with a more youthful appearance.

Circumareolar breast lift technique

The circumareolar technique unlike the other two techniques limits the removal of excess skin and tissue to the area around the nipple. The nipples can be positioned slightly higher but the internal breast tissue cannot be rearranged.  A more modest amount of lifting is done with this technique.

Inserting a breast implant is more common for this type of procedure as there is not enough natural breast tissue. A patient that desires a bigger breast shape and size using this technique is more likely to opt for breast implants. This technique involves the least incision of the areola and offers an opportunity for a complete resize and reshape. The procedure allows for more natural looking results.

There is no one ideal breast lift technique for every patient. Each patient is different and various factors need to be considered when choosing the best technique for each patient. We believe in thorough assessments when consulting each individual patient. Dr Yang takes into account factors such as your tissue characteristics and the amount of skin you have. Dr Yang will advise you on the best technique that will reap the best possible results.

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