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Gynaecomastia is a condition in which tissue in the chest becomes enlarged, giving the impression of a developing male breast. The condition can affect men of any age, and can be a source of dissatisfaction with one’s appearance. Fortunately, the condition can be corrected by means of a surgical procedure that usually involves the removal of the breast gland as well as liposuction of the surrounding fatty tissue.

These famous men have struggled with excess tissue in the chest area, and have chosen to undergo surgical treatment …

Dwayne Johnson
Well-known actor and celebrity wrestler Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, underwent a breast reduction procedure in 2005. He struggled with excess tissue in the chest area, and decided to resolve the issue for cosmetic purposes. Johnson spent a lot of time working out at the gym but was unable to achieve the results he hoped for through exercise alone. For this reason, he opted for plastic surgery, and liposuction of the fatty tissue helped to achieve a better contour of his chest wall.

Osher Günsberg
Journalist, TV and radio presenter Osher Günsberg is perhaps best known for hosting the TV show The Bachelor. Last year, the celebrity featured on the cover of the Australian Men’s Health magazine, flaunting a muscular body. But, Günsberg didn’t always look so good, and suffered from gynaecomastia as a teenager. For this reason, he underwent treatment for the condition when he was quite young. Now, thanks to a combination of having resolved his issue with excess breast tissue and committing to a stringent nutrition and fitness regime, he boasts a chiselled physical appearance.

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