Time for a reset? How to make your New Year’s resolutions stick!

new years resolution

Have you fallen off the New Year’s resolution band-wagon? Don’t write 2018 off just yet!

While New Year’s resolutions are set with the best of intentions, they are notorious for failing a few months into the year.

The fatal flaw with New Year’s resolutions — and most goal-setting, for that matter — is that we typically bite off more than we can chew. We’re not setting realistic goals which then fail to translate into lasting behavioural changes. As such, we end up disappointed and, often, with a forgotten resolution by this time of year rolls around.

We’re here to help you re-set your goals and achieve them! This time round, we’re putting a plan and system in place to guide you and keep you on track. We all know what it’s like to set goals that we don’t follow through with. A tip for keeping track of your goals and your efforts in sticking with them is to get yourself a diary and write down your goals. This way your goals are tracked in one place – whether they occur yearly, monthly, weekly or daily.

We’ve put together our top tips to re-set and crush your New Year’s resolutions.

Take more time out for yourself

We’re guessing you maybe gave a little too much to others this past year and not enough to yourself. Perhaps you were stretched too thin or overextended yourself. That’s OK! It was a time for learning and growing. This year, it’s OK to say “no” sometimes and take a little more time for yourself. Whether it’s for getting organised, doing a solo workout, or just binge-watching your favourite show from your bed, allow yourself some personal space in 2018.

Unplug a little more each day

This year, do small things to unplug and reconnect with yourself, your loved ones, and your environment. Maybe give yourself a few more minutes in the morning before you check emails, or don’t charge your phone next to your bed. You could even do a tech-free Sunday each week to truly let go. The world is your iPhone-free oyster.

Choose gratitude each day

One way to inject more joy into your year? Start each day with a gratitude reflection. What are you grateful for? What makes you happy? Focus on the good to improve your mood, and your physical health will follow suit.

Go to bed early

Poor sleep is linked to diabetes, heart disease, obesity and depression. Create a self-imposed bedtime, set an alarm as a reminder, and aim to hit the hay in time to get a solid seven to eight hours.

Spend more time outside

Mounting research shows that enjoying nature and green space can help lower stress and may reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Age gracefully

If you’re over 50 and starting to spot fine lines, realising you can’t hit the gym as hard as you used to, and experiencing symptoms of menopause, bear in mind there are also beautiful things about growing older. There are plenty of reasons to embrace your fifth (and sixth, and seventh) decade of life—and you have every right to love it just as much as decades past!

Re-setting goals for the New Year

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