What to expect after your facelift

What to expect after your facelift

When you visit Dr Samuel Yang Plastic Surgery you know what to expect from him and his team.

Here is some more information on what you can expect after your facelift procedure, including recovery and care.

Stay in touch with Dr Yang.

Dr Yang and his team, in Brisbane, are responsible for your post-operative care. If you have any concerns about your healing or results, contact him immediately rather than going to your GP.

Expect to look worse before you look better.

Many people panic after their facelift because they wanted to look better and not worse. This is to be expected since swelling and bruising will occur. To minimize the swelling keep your head elevated, it is extremely important to keep the head elevated in order to speed up the recovery process and maintain symmetry in the face.

Expect to play dress-up as an Egyptian mummy.

Following the surgery your entire head will be bandaged, the bandage is meant to apply pressure to the head, neck and face in order to minimize the swelling and bruising after the procedure. If this new style isn’t your favourite, the bandages usually come off after a day or two.

Avoid strenuous activity.

You may need to place your yoga class on hold for about three weeks or until your doctor says so. Other activities such as biking, weightlifting or jogging will need to be stopped until you are given the green light from your doctor.

Expect to have a slight change in diet and hygiene routine.

Follow your doctors’ instructions when it comes to showering, usually showering and shampoo are allowed once the dressings have been removed. If you struggle to open your mouth to brush your teeth, using a baby’s toothbrush may be the best option to clean those pearly whites. It is recommended that you only eat soft foods for the first few days after the procedure, try some new recipes and get creative in the kitchen with staples such as soup, yoghurt and mashed potato.

Expect to feel tightness in the face.

It is normal for the skin on your face and neck to feel tight for the first two months. This is usually due to swelling, once the swelling goes down your skin will loosen and begin to normalize. If you feel any odd discomfort or pains, contact Dr Yang and his team so that they can monitor your condition closely.

Monitor your incisions closely.

It is important to keep an eye on your incisions closely for any signs of infection. Follow the orders given to you by Dr Yang for your daily incision care. If you notice any redness, increased warmth or excessive pain it is advised that you see your doctor as soon as possible.

Expect to take some time off immediately after your procedure.

It is advised that during the first week after your facelift that you rest, however, you may not be confined to bed rest alone. Any fatigue, drowsiness or nausea you experience will probably be caused by the pain medication Dr Yang will prescribe you and not directly from the procedure itself. It is important that you have someone with you to look after you during this time, but you may feel fine enough to be waltzing around the house within the first 2 days.

The pain medication will enable you to effectively control the soreness in your face or neck, enabling you to do light activities such as some mild housework. Getting your body moving and some light circulation going will help you to recover more quickly.

Expect to be looking and feeling better three weeks post-procedure.

Many people may still experience some tightness and swelling in isolated areas; however, this is normal and will improve with time. The healing process is unique to everyone. You may feel good enough to get back too many of your regular activities and begin your daily exercise routines once again.

With careful guidance from the qualified team at Dr Samuel Yang Plastic Surgery, in Brisbane, your post-procedural care will be managed with care and expertise. To discuss your treatment options contact Dr Yang at 0732577950.

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