Breast Surgery

Go home and rest.
Elevate head on 4 – 5 pillows for the first week (to reduce swelling)
When resting, flex calves by pointing toes towards ceiling then towards the ground.  This will help maintain leg circulation & avoid clots in the veins in your legs. Do this 10 times per hour.  Do not cross your legs

Minor bleeding is normal for the first 24 – 48 hours post-operatively
Heavy or prolonged bleeding contact Dr Yang at above numbers
Swelling on one side contact Dr Yang at above numbers

The large dressings covering your chest must be kept dry and intact until you return for your 1st post-op appointment in 1 – 3 days to have them removed.
Limit arm movements, no pushing, pulling or lifting
Bring a soft bra to the first post-op appointment

Anaesthetist will provide script for pain relief sufficient for a week.  If you run out, Panadol should be adequate
Contact Dr Yang if pain relief is inadequate

Wound infection is an infrequent occurrence.  Contact Dr Yang if you experience:
Increased pain, temperature and flu-like symptoms
Widespread redness
Offensive discharge coming from the wound

Avoid strenuous lifting, aerobic exercises and swimming for 4 weeks post-operatively
Try gentle exercise, i.e. slow walking
Drive a motor vehicle only when safe to drive, this is usually 1-2 weeks post operatively.  Always wear your seatbelt.

In the unlikely event that you cannot contact Dr Yang, please present to Greenslopes Hospital, if possible, or at another hospital & ask your treating doctor to call Dr Yang.


If you have any questions regarding our procedures and recovery, or would like to book a consultation with Dr Yang, please don’t hesitate to contact us.