We can smoothen the appearance of prominent ears and allow your face take centre stage.


Looking to change the shape and appearance of your ears with surgery?

Also known as setback otoplasty, this is surgery that aims to correct prominent protruding or uneven ears in children as well as adults. It involves sculpting and changing the underlying shape of the cartilage of the ear so that the new set-back position is permanent.

We offer otoplasty or ear surgery for those patients who are unhappy with the size or position of their ears. The most common ear surgery we perform is designed to correct prominent ears. This procedure is performed on both children, who can experience trouble at school because of protruding ears, and adults who have always had concerns about the appearance of their ears and who have now decided to act upon them.

Children should only be considered for surgery when they are 4 years or older, just prior to starting prep and school.

There are a variety of differently shaped ears with which patients present and so naturally there are a variety of surgical options. Generally, the scars are located behind the ears so that they are inconspicuous, but sometimes there needs to be a scar on the front aspect of the ear to achieve the desired result

Otoplasty performed in Brisbane by Dr Yang

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