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Breast reconstruction surgery is most common after a mastectomy

Breast reconstruction surgery is increasingly being seen as a routine part of the treatment of breast cancer if a mastectomy is required. It involves reconstructing the shape, volume and feel of a breast and typically requires using a flap (which is tissue moved from another part of the body), a silicone implant or a combination of the two.

The breast reconstruction procedure

The most common technique for using a woman’s own tissue to reconstruct a breast is a TRAM or DIEP flap. This involves transplanting abdominal skin, fat and sometimes muscle up to the chest to be shaped into a new breast. It requires technically demanding microsurgical techniques to join the small blood vessels of the abdominal tissue to vessels in the chest wall. This reconstruction often gives the most natural looking and feeling breast reconstruction. Because abdominal tissue is taken it usually allows for a tummy tuck to also be performed.

Alternatively, skin, fat and muscle from the back can be brought around to the front of the chest to build a new breast. This is known as a latissimus dorsi flap. It is sometimes done in conjunction with an implant based reconstruction.

Silicone breast implants can also be placed under the chest skin and muscles to build a new breast. This procedure usually involves multiple operations because a period of time is needed to expand the soft tissue of the chest wall to accommodate an implant.

Breast Reconstruction from Dr Yang in Brisbane

All these techniques and others less commonly used can be discussed in detail with Dr Yang. After assessing you, he will be able to outline the strengths and weaknesses of these different techniques. A tailored plan that will best suite your individual body, clinical situation and personal preference is essential in trying to achieve the best outcome for you.

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