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A facelift can reverse the signs of ageing

A face lift is a surgical technique that specifically targets and reverses the normal changes in a face that occur with age. Its most potent effects are on the lower two thirds of the face. When performed well, it is a subtle but powerful procedure that counters the tell-tale signs of ageing that all human beings subconsciously recognise and base our judgments of age on. These are mainly the jowls or an excessive fullness in the lower parts of the cheeks, wrinkles that appear around the mouth, deeper folds that are more pronounced between the cheek and chin and excess skin and cords in the neck.

Dr Yang will take the time to assess your concerns and discuss whether an operation such as this would be best for you. Other, less invasive procedures can very effectively camouflage some of these changes of aging. Techniques such as injectable fillers may be a better alternative for some patients. Only a detailed assessment and discussion with your plastic surgeon will help you make the right choices for you.

Facelift from Dr Yang in Brisbane

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