BlogCOVID-19Elective Surgery Update

In this blog, we provide an elective surgery update following the easing of Coronavirus restrictions here in Queensland.

This article will provide some more information about elective surgery timings, your options for consultations with Dr Yang, and comprehensive health and safety measures in our practice. It is relevant for those people who may have:

  • had a procedure postponed as a result of COVID-19,
  • have a procedure scheduled for later in 2020, or
  • you’re in the early stages of your plastic surgery journey and would like to know more about booking a consultation with Dr Yang.

If you have any further questions after reading this blog, please don’t hesitate to call our friendly team on (07) 3257 7950 for further information.

Information about Elective Surgery as COVID-19 Restrictions Ease

Elective surgeries in Queensland were stopped in March.

All types of elective surgery – including cosmetic procedures – are now allowed to go ahead, however, this is dependent on each individual hospital, their staffing and PPE levels.

If you don’t have a procedure booked at this time but would like to know more about timeframes, please contact our team on (07) 3257 7950.

A couple of important things to remember…

  • The Federal Government had outlined that the reintroduction of elective procedures should be staged and controlled.
  • At present, the number of procedures carried out is dependent on the availability of PPE at each individual hospital. Therefore, approval from individual hospitals is still needed.
  • There may be further changes (or delays), depending on the Coronavirus situation in Queensland over the next 6 months. If a second wave was to develop this may halt elective surgery again.

Visiting Our Practice During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dr Yang is still available for consultations – in person and via telehealth.

Those patients meeting with Dr Yang can be reassured that we are taking proactive measures to ensure the safety of our patients and staff.

Here is what you should know about your upcoming visit: 

  • We currently allow two (2) patients in the waiting room at any one time, with one (1) support person each.
  • We ask patients to call upon arrival to check if the waiting room is available.
  • Please wait in the car or outside until we are able to accommodate in the waiting room.
  • We are screening patients before they come inside for:
    • Any flu like symptoms/ high temp
    • Any contact with anyone with COVID-19
    • Symptoms of loss of smell or taste (anosmia)
    • Overseas travel

Covid-19 Hygiene Measures

For hygiene reasons we have removed magazines and disposable water cups from the waiting area.

We are also ensuring seats, pens and anything else which may be touched by visitors is sanitised before and after each patient.

Hand sanitiser is also on display for patients to use.

In-person Consultations or via Telehealth

If you are unwell, immunocompromised or uncomfortable travelling at this time, Dr Yang is available for consultations via telehealth.

For those who do need an appointment to take place over the phone, we ask that patients, or the referrer, send pictures beforehand along with the referral.

Consultation FAQs

To book a consultation with Dr Yang, please click here.

For practice locations please click here.

General Health Advice in the time of Coronavirus

In these uncertain times, it is important not to become complacent about your health.

Do not to neglect symptoms and signs that would normally warrant a GP visit, and don’t put off routine investigations to detect cancers, such as colonoscopies, pap smears and mammograms.

Small and easily manageable health problems may become harder to treat and cure if they’re not seen to in a timely fashion.

Important Reminder about Sun Safety

Even though we are coming into the cooler months Slip Slop Slap still applies. Sunburn and skin damage can even occur on an overcast day.

Look for any changes to freckles, moles or unusual spots. Anything that appears different or looks suspicious please call your regular GP or Dermatologist.

Coronavirus Pandemic: Elective Surgery Update

Dr Yang and his team are staying up-to-date with current health advice and aim to keep our patients informed about any changes to upcoming procedures.

Please reach out to us with your questions or for more information on (07) 3257 7950.

Dr Samuel Yang is an experienced plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgeon based in Brisbane.

A fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and a member of both the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Australian Medical Association, Dr Yang has been practising in both the private and public systems since 2013.

While the Queensland-trained surgeon can help with all plastic surgery needs, he has special interest in abdominoplasty, skin cancer and melanoma, breast surgery, face lifts and blepharoplasty.

Dr Yang aims to help his patients pick the best surgical option based on the desired result, and ensures they are comfortable and informed before making any commitment.

For more information or to book a consultation, please contact our friendly team on (07) 3257 7950 today or enquire online here.